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Fiberbuilt®, the best synthetic grass for golf practice in the world. Fiberbuilt® Grass Technology provides golfers the true feel of a lush green fairway with unmatched durability with our golf mats. Fiberbuilt® golf mats are found on the world's best golf courses and the busiest public driving ranges.

Teaching Pro's, Tour Professionals, Golf Club Manufacturers, and Golf Simulator Companies depend on Fiberbuilt® for realistic feel, ball spin and launch angles. With durability second to none the Fiberbuilt® Synthetic Grass and Golf Practice Golf Mat Systems are vitally important to the golf industry. Wherever golf is played from a synthetic surface Fiberbuilt® is the best choice.

In a recent independent study conducted at a leading university's biomechanics laboratory using Motion Analysis Technology (MATT) by TaylorMade, 86% of subjects said that Fiberbuilt® Grass best absorbed impact of the club when compared to traditional turf or carpet technology golf mats. And 90% of subjects said Fiberbuilt® Golf Mat Systems are more comfortable than those same traditional turf or carpet technology mats.

Fiberbuilt® golf mats are the best choice for your Tee line and Golf Practice Mat requirements, with the look, feel and play of real grass, backed by the industry's best service and warranty. From your first swing to many years of hard use you will appreciate Fiberbuilt® Golf Mats.

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